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Online Certification Portal Embraces Technology; Training & Certification is a key part of the IPC value to the industry. As we look to future growth of the certification programs, it is important that IPC embraces technology, improves the quality of our programs, and simplifies the way we get things done. We will protect the value of IPC certification for all those individuals who are certified and those candidates seeking certification.  Please see latest CQI-News



To our Valued Partners/Customers,

Verion Training Systems (Verion) is a licensed IPC certification / re-certification training center. We are operating in accordance with guidance from local and state governments and public health authorities. Currently there are no known cases of COVID-19 within our facility. 

Verion plays an essential role providing certification / re-certification training to companies supporting critical missions for customers in the United States and abroad. Verion is committed to supporting your training requests and remains fully operational for onsite and local classes. The IPC leadership team is meeting continuously to assess and appropriately respond to the crisis as it evolves and we are adjusting our operations accordingly to maintain continuity.


Remote Training / Proctoring: As a licensed IPC Training Center we are working with IPC to make available the remote / virtual training option utilizing Go to Meeting(GTM) software. The remote training and proctoring option has gone through the beta testing approval process and will be available to you, our customers, starting April 6th 2020 for IPC-A-610 and IPC/WHMA-A-620 courses.

CQI Credits: Effective immediately all CQI credits that expire in March-April2020 will automatically be extended for four months respectively. This extension will occur automatically.


Certification Extensions: Effective immediately, for expiring certifications IPC will authorize a 90-day extension; make your request to IPC. CITs and MITs need to request an extension through the Certification Help Desk. When completing the form, please select the “Extension Request” in the Request Type field.

Effective immediately, CIS’s that are seeking an extension should make a request to the CIT whom provided the training or contact the closest IPC training center. Forms must be filled out completely and emailed to certification@ipc.org

Lastly, we are a resilient nation please know that we will all get through these challenging times when we work together. We want to thank you for being a valued partner and customer and, from the entire Verion training team we wish you, your colleagues, friends and family, safety and good health. 

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